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The Eye of the Ocean

The eye of the ocean puzzle playing cards is designed by Stockholm17. This is an archaeo-fantasy adventure from the age of sails taking place in Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.

This project is made of 3 main parts:

  • The Novel: 20 chapters in 7 acts written in English, wrapped in leather with a metal astrolabe attached on it, and a secret deck-size compartment.

  • The Playing Cards: 3 variants, poker size, 56 cards with foil application on the back, and custom tuck-boxes.

  • The Puzzle: find the coordinates of the Eye of the Ocean using the book and the decks of cards (Solis and Lunæ). Prizes will be awarded to who is able to solve it, see puzzle chapter for more details.

Tuck-boxes specs:

  • ☉ Solis: printed on uncoated paper, with embossing and gold foil. Custom design and inner graphics.

  • ☽ Lunæ: printed on uncoated paper, with embossing and silver foil. Custom design and inner graphics.

  • Astra Polaris: black paper stock with white foil, gold foil, embossing and a unique decostructed tuckbox never seen before.

The cards are printed in Belgium by Cartamundi on B9-slimline true linen finish paper stock, deck of 56 cards.

The tuckboxes are printed by Oath Playing Cards in Greece (aka Lotrek).

This project is USA & EU friendly. The fulfillment will be handled by Gamblers Warehouse for backers in North America and Deallez in the Europe.


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