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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the fulfilment process?
    After the products arrived at our warehouse, we double-check the quantity and update the inventory on the website. Only the campaign creator will have the access to his product inventory. The packaging process begins right after the inventory's online unless the campaign creator wants to hold until a specific date. Then the packages will be shipped to customers if the payment for the shipping's completed.
  • How long does the packaging take?
    The packaging time depends on the product variations. For example, the playing cards are available in 2 colors and need to be shipped to 200 Backers. That only takes 1 day for packaging to be done.
  • Can I add extra small items together with the main product?
    Yes. You can add stickers, business cards, coins, booklet, etc together with the products with no extra cost, as long as they fit into the smallest box 17,5 x 9,5 cm and the total weight of the add-ons is not heavier than 50gr. If you have customized Add-ons, please contact us for more information.
  • I don't have an online store. Is it possible for me to sell the remaining stock in Europe?
    If you do not have your own online store, by using our fulfillment service, you can sell your remaining stock with your chosen retail price on Markt 52. We are happy to help you taking care of the delivery to end customers for you. Within 3 months after the fulfillment's completed, if there's no further activity, the storage fee will be applied on the remaining stock.
  • Kickstarter is not available in my country. Can Deallez help me launch my campaign?
    Yes. We can. Please contact our customer support for more information!
  • I have not received the notification email yet. Where's my package?
    With or Without a tracking number all backers will receive notifications when the label's created. The shipping date will also be available on Deallez Website / Fulfillment / Your campaign. If you purchase products from our partner's online shop, you will also receive a notification email from Deallez. Sometimes the email is in the spam folder. If you can't find it, please contact our customer service with your full name and the name of the campaign, which you supported! We would be happy to assist you.
  • I have waited for so long. What happened with my package?
    Due to the Covid Situation, it might take longer for your package to be delivered. With standard shipping within the EU, a search request can only be processed if the package is not delievered after 4 weeks and for international shipping, up to 8 weeks. Please contact us, if you wait that long and still don't receive the shipment. According to Couriers , a tracking number is valid within 3 months. After 3 months from the shipping date, the package would be considered lost without further investigation. Refund is not possible. Often the campaign creator informs backers when the shipping begins. You can also check the shipping date of your campaign which Deallez is responsible for, on this website. If you live in the EU and you have to wait more than a month, you should contact our customer service immediately.
  • My package is returned. Can I get a free reship?
    If your package's returned because of our mistakes, like putting the wrong name, address, etc, we will reship to you for free. If you share the wrong address information or the package was held too long at pickup points/ customs (non-EU countries) and must be returned, you'll be responsible for the reship
  • When the package arrived, I didn't know, it was from a Kickstarter campaign that I supported. That's why I refused. What should I do?"
    In this case, you should contact the campaign creator to arrange another delivery.
  • I live in the USA and also support the campaign that listed here. Can I track my package on this website?
    Yes, you can, if the package is shipped by Deallez. We also work with other companies in the USA. If the packages are shipped by our partners. Unfortunately you can't track it on our website.

You have other questions? Contact us here!

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