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Glow Playing Cards

Updated: May 6, 2021

Glow playing card deck by Chriscards is specially designed in Germany for cardistry with GLOW effect, which shines in the dark with UV light

Limited Edition Features:

  • Only 3.000 decks will be printed (No reprint!)

  • 54 cards and one gaff card

  • Each deck is unique by a serial number

  • A hologram sticker is attached to the bottom of the box

  • Printed with two UV colors on both sides

  • High premium german linen crushed paper for cardistry, magicians, and collectors

Fully customized faces fascinate the viewer, cardist and still suitable for a poker game, magic.


Glow Playing Cards is an USA & EU friendly project. The fulfillment will be handled by Gamblers Warehouse for backers in North America and Deallez in the EU & the rest of the world.

This deck is still available now on Kickstarter including super limited Gift Box.


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