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Paisley Poker Playing Cards

Updated: May 6, 2021

Paisley Poker Playing Cards is the 6th Edition of the Paisley playing card series. The design was inspired by the well-known Paisley pattern with hidden two ways marking system for the suits and value on the back of the card.


This premium, hand-crafted custom-designed wooden (veneer) box with a black matte finish will stand out on your game table for sure! On the lid, the Paisley logo has been printed with a hot UV foil technic. Under the lid, the two editions of Paisley PlayingCards Poker Editon Blue and Red and the Dealer Coin are placed with care on a soft warm yellow suede-lined inlay. Both with two metallic inks (gold and blue on the blue edition, gold and orange on the red edition) on the faces, back, and tuck! Printed by Cartamundi on their TRUE LINEN B9 finish Slim-Line Board.


Paisley Poker Playing Cards is an USA & EU friendly project. The fulfillment will be handled by Gamblers Warehouse for backers in North America and Deallez in the EU & the rest of the world.

Live now on Kickstarter. Get yours now!

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